Mouradco has come a long way as a specialized fruit and vegetable grower and exporter. Since its establishment in 1990 the company has had its objective to offer the maximum of freshness quality healthiness and safety of all products. Consequently Mouradco achieved a prestigious position having a strong clients base. Mouradco mainly grows packs and exports artichoke colored peppers green beans tomatoes and strawberry. The company is specialized in exporting a rang of vegetables and fruits to Italy throughout the year. The company exports are increasingly growing as Mouradco works on the ideology of mass production attempting to reach the highest standards of quality at all levels. Main activities Exporting fresh artichokes from December till the end of March of every year with an output reaching about 150 tons weekly and supplying manufactured artichokes with a rate of 10 tons daily till the end of May. Mouradco also exports all kinds of fresh pepper from November till June. The company production volume is expected to increase this year to reach 50 tons per week. Exporting cabbage tomatoes cucumber and eggplant considering the world class packing methods with a total production of 60 Tons a week.
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